Artfully Yours

Artfully Yours

Love, Emerson #1

Elle Finley is looking for more. Tired of chaotic ER shifts and a home life that revolves around Netflix, pizza, and sleep, when her injured sister needs her help back home Elle jumps at the chance to shake things up. She’s not prepared for the sexy stranger next door who seems intent on sweeping her off her feet and then doing other–more exciting–stuff to her.

Metal sculptor Alex Zacharov can’t believe his luck when the girl he fell in love with eighteen years ago walks right back into his arms. Although he recognizes her in a heartbeat, she has no idea who he is, or what she means to him.

Alex is more comfortable with a welding torch and hot metal than with dating and romance. He’s focused, intense, and used to getting what he wants…and he wants Elle. Even if he has to learn how to date her first.


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“It’s possible I’ve got the wrong guy here.”
He gave her a fast, hard kiss, then waited for her to open her eyes. “You know me. You know this. Trust me. I’m your guy.”
Hell yeah, he was.


The guy was there. Right there next to her. Shouldn’t she have heard him coming? Felt the ground shake? He was a freaking Sasquatch. How did he manage to sneak up behind her without her knowing? “Man, you’re tall,” she told him.

He grunted, staring down at her.

“Guess you already know that,” she said, and rolled her eyes at herself. This was ridiculous. Get it together, Finley. She’d seen hot guys before. Of course, the hours she worked and her almost total lack of social life meant most of those hot guys had been patients and she’d been pinning them down or helping a doctor pull things out of them or sew bits back on, or up. Hard to feel romantic about a man when he was shrieking like a three-year-old because he was scared of needles. Turned out being face to face with a hot guy when he was upright, all in one piece, not visibly leaking, and focused on her was a whole different experience.