Technically Mine

(Love, Emerson #2)


Tech millionaire Gabe Sterling is about to get his.

Nora Bowman’s love life just imploded. A road trip—not running away!—leads her to San Francisco and possibly the most beautiful man she’s ever seen in real life. And Nora saw all of him. Literally. Which is awkward, because he’s her new client. On the plus side, she’s discovered a new kink for tattooed bad boys. Who knew?

Tech millionaire Gabe Sterling has everything—but the one thing his money can’t buy is happiness. When he hires the latest in a long line of interior designers to remodel his secret hideaway, he never expects to fall for the designer’s quirky assistant. Gabe should be focusing on Sterling Enterprises’ ground-breaking new project, but Nora is driving him to distraction.

Will he choose the job and level up from millionaire to billionaire, or will Gabe choose a life with love-shy Nora…if, that is, he can convince her to take a chance on him.

Technically Mine is a fun, sexy story about finding your home—even if you have to run away from it first.

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Artfully Yours

Artfully Yours is the first standalone novel in the Love, Emerson series.

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“It’s possible I’ve got the wrong guy here.”
He gave her a fast, hard kiss, then waited for her to open her eyes. “You know me. You know this. Trust me. I’m your guy.”
Hell yeah, he was.